Keeping Our Bison Happy

Our focus is on grass-fed pasture raised bison. We use our Snowy Creek Bison farm for pasture. The hay for winter feeding  is grown on our two other farms to ensure the bison have a variety of hay for feed in winter. Our property has an amazing topography that provides variety and ample trees/shade for bison to enjoy. Although we have a creek running through the property we have fenced it off to keep the water clean for other users. We use environmentally friendly solar-powered pumps to extract water from the creek. To diversify our water sources we also have a solar-driven well system. We make sure our bison get a variety of grasses and two different water sources to supply them with sufficient nutrients and minerals naturally in addition to the free choice minerals we provide.

Flies are pests, and our bison don't like them any more than you do. During the summer months, as one of our fly control methods, we implemented a natural fly control program with fly predators or parasitic wasps. Using manure management and solar fly traps also reduces the fly population on the Snowy Creek Bison farm. We go the extra mile to ensure that our animals are healthy and our farm is sustainable.

We purchased a state of the art handling facility to manage the annual round up and minimize any injury to the animals. We also draw blood annually for analysis to make sure the bison do not develop any deficiencies. They are vaccinated against the most common diseases they may acquire on the recommendation of the veterinarian. In addition we are always checking daily on the bison to make sure they are healthy and thriving.

Why We Use Rotational Grazing

One purpose of subdividing our farm into different pastures, is to  better control the length of time and place where bison graze. This allows shorter graze periods and more even distribution of the animals over the course of a grazing season. Some of the advantages include: 

  • Prevention Of Overgrazing
  • Plants Recover Quicker If Selectively Grazed
  • Leaves more grass on pasture & allows greater removal of CO2 from atmosphere.
  • Improved Parasite And Fly Control
  • Freedom Of Movement In A Pasture Increase Physical Fitness
  • Less soil erosion

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